Net Craman attends at the Asian Regional Conference of Law Exchange International 

LEI Asian Regional


Last July 7th saw Law Exchange International’s latest Asian Regional Conference being held in Kuala Lumpur.

LEI member, Malaysian law firm Gideon Tan Razali Zaini hosted the symposium on several topics as the Economy, Politics, Legal System, Foreign and Investment in Malaysia, the Australian Immigration Laws and by last the Arbitration in Singapore and the Singapore International Commercial.

At the closing round table was also commented the expansion of LEI within Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong and South Korea.


LEI Asian Regional

LEI Asian Regional Conference attendants


Delegates attending from 7 jurisdictions were treated to a full programme of presentations and members also present and contribute ideas and practical steps for leverage LEI for business development in Asia Pacific.

On Net Craman´s behalf, Alvaro de Luis Andrés,  Asian Managing Partner, has attended the conference. In this way Net Craman continues to bolster its commitment to the Asian market and its international presence.




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