NET CRAMAN with ESADE MBA’s non-European students: Spanish Immigration Law

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NET CRAMAN has organized with ESADE a session addressed to the MBA students about how to get the Entrepreneur Visa and the Residence Authorization.

The session was led by Oriol Mosso, our specialist in Immigration Law.

Below you may find a brief summary of the presentation:

WHO CAN APPLY? Non-EU nationals intending to engage an Entrepreneurial Activity in Spain.

WHAT IS DEEMED TO BE ENTREPRENEURIAL ACTIVITY? Any innovative activity of special economic interest to Spain.  Special consideration will be given to:  The activity’s capacity to create  jobs and the professional profile of the applicant.


•Candidates who are not currently in Spain: must apply for a 1 year residence visa for the main purpose of making the necessary preparatory arrangements to do business here.

•Candidates  who  are  in  Spain,  i.e. who have a residence or stay permit or entrepreneur visa, must apply specifically for a 2 renewable residence permit for entrepreneurs, which will enable them to conduct an entrepreneurial activity.

Before applying for your visa or permit, you will   need   a   favourable   report   on   the business and entrepreneurial activity you intend to carry out in Spain.

Business  plan  of  the  project has to include specifically: the professional profile of the applicant, the type of business activity, including the product, service or market analysis and financing. It has to be an added value for the Spanish economy, innovation or investment opportunities.

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