Paola Tessarolo

Commercial lawyer with extensive experience advising companies, both in the public and private sectors. She, in turn, is an Industrial Property Agent with extensive experience in the area of IP (Trademarks, Designs, Patents, Copyrights) and New Technologies. She has extensive experience in IP & IT matters, she has worked in important firms specialized in the […]

Estela Ojeda Ginete

Estela Ojeda collaborates in the Corporate Department. She is actively involved in the preparation and formulation of minutes and documents of all kinds relating to corporate law and commercial contracts. She provides assistance in commercial transactions, especially in the incorporation of companies, sales and purchases, the adoption of corporate agreements and the holding of general […]

Lidia Buira Casajus

Lidia Buira has a Law Degree from the University of Barcelona and has developed her professional career in the field of Immigration Law and Immigration. He is currently in charge of giving advice to companies in all processes of hiring foreign workers as well as individuals who want to obtain legal residency in Spain.

Oriol Mosso Bel

Lawyer with extensive experience in Immigration and Alien Law, and in Criminal Law. He is a specialist in legal advice to companies in the hiring of workers in Spain, as well as in the countries of Origin, having advised on different types of procedures in the field of criminal litigation.

Ignacio Sagrado Villamide

Ignacio Sagrado is responsible for the Labor Department. He advises the client on conflict prevention and negotiation, defends legal claims, and formulates and implements the global employment strategy.

Daniel Jiménez Schlegl

He works as a specialist in administrative law, in its various aspects. In his recent legal-professional activity, he highlights the advice to collaborating urban entities, as well as to various entities and neighborhood groups in their conflicts with the local and regional Administration in urban and patrimonial matters. In 1993 he began his activity as […]

Juan Amigó Müller

Juan Amigó Müller, of German descent, is responsible for the “German Desk” at NET CRAMAN and has 22 years of experience advising international clients with businesses in Spain and Spanish clients with businesses abroad. He specialises in Real Estate, renewable energy, national and international bankruptcy, restructuring and International Law, as well as corporate and M&A. […]

Genís Asensio i Lahuerta

Litigation lawyer, dedicated to counseling and criminal defense, with training in the field of regulatory compliance by companies (compliance). His areas of greatest specialization are crimes against the socioeconomic order (fraud, theft, misappropriation, etc.) and crimes related to the market and consumers (discovery and disclosure of company secrets, illegal advertising, etc.).

Sandra Vidal Fuentes

Sandra Vidal is a lawyer and is part of the civil-procedural and corporate department, taking advantage of the synergies of both legal branches and offering a transversal advice. She has training and experience in the area of civil procedural law, in all matters regarding legal proceedings in the field of tort law, obligations and contracts […]

Carlota Enrique García

She actively intervenes in the preparation and processing of criminal judicial proceedings of all kinds, having specialized his professional career in crimes against property and against the socio-economic order. At the same time, she advises companies in the field of criminal liability of legal persons (compliance) in order to establish internal mechanisms for prevention, management, […]