Criminal compliance

The Criminal Department of NET CRAMAN provides legal advice to clients on the preparation and implementation of Criminal Risk Prevention Plans or Criminal Compliance, in order to provide our clients, legal persons, with a tool to avoid criminal liability for crimes committed within their organisation by managers, workers or subcontractors.

Criminal Compliance not only allows companies to be exempted from criminal liability in possible court proceedings, but it is an effective means of preventing their employees, subcontractors, etc., from committing infringements within their entity, which results in greater control over the company and the risks of being a shareholder or director.

Furthermore, Criminal Compliance is a good tool for anticipating sales processes in which, when the Due Diligence is carried out, the seller is required to have a Criminal Risk Prevention Plan implemented, which is an element that enables the company to obtain more subsidies or public aid; tendering in public and private procurement tenders, etc.  

Consequently, as Criminal Risk Prevention Plans are a very effective tool for companies, not only from the perspective of mitigating possible criminal liability, but also from the perspective of giving greater value to the business, NET CRAMAN offers our clients advice in this area of Law.