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China’s Greater Bay Area, model of development, driver for world

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area of China is developing into a model of regional synergy, a driver of the country’s new round of opening-up, and a source of fresh opportunities to be shared by the world. Officials, scholars and business representatives assembled here at a forum on Thursday to discuss the development of the […]

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China Is Winning Trump’s Trade War

The relevant text for the U.S.-China trade war may not be Trump’s “The Art of the Deal” but instead Chinese General Sun Tzu’s two-thousand-year-old classic “The Art of War.” Source: National Interest : Click here to read the new.    

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Greater Bay Area

China’s Greater Bay Area Catches Up With Leading Economic Clusters.

China is developing the Guangdong-Hong Kong- Macau Greater Bay Area as it prepares to open up to foreign investments. The region will be turned into a massive cluster for advanced industries which will catch up with the world’s leading economic hubs. The construction of the Greater Bay Area is expected to improve the livelihood of the people […]

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Greater Bay Area: 10 facts to put it in perspective.

  Urbanisation and the creation of wealth have been signatures of mainland China’s journey of economic reform and liberalisation. Today’s China is home to the world’s greatest number of city dwellers. To foster new business opportunities, China has a grand strategy of developing multiple city clusters to create sizeable areas of economic strength. Source: South […]

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China’s new investment Law puts foreign firms on notice

  China is planning to approve new rules for foreign investment in the country this week, a sweeping overhaul of regulations that will affect corporate titans from Ford to Alibaba and Tencent. The regulations are slated for passage Friday by the National People’s Congress during a once-a-year gathering of legislators to seal the country’s most important […]

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El mercado de capitales de China registrará nuevo récord de inversión extranjera en 2019

  China atraerá un gran caudal de inversión extranjera en 2019 gracias al mayor acceso que el país asiático está autorizando a su mercado de capitales, informó hoy lunes el diario China Securities News. El mercado de capitales de China registró en 2018 la cifra récord de inversión extranjera de 120.000 millones de dólares, reveló […]

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