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Effects of China’s “New” Trademark Law

  When you are about to start your business, one of the key issues you should bear in mind is to protect your Intellectual Property rights (IP) –even more if you are about to do it in China (PRC)–. Not only because of the language issues that your company will face, but also because of […]

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Guangdong free-trade zone to forge links with Hong Kong and Macau

  The aim of the People’s Republic of China Government of establishing a new Free Trade Zone (FTZ) after the one established in Shanghai in 2013 will finally become a reality the 18th of March. There is no need to say that foreign investors have been longing for this news; given its strategic geographical location, […]

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Free Trade Agreement: Hong Kong-Chile

  Since last 9th of October, the first Free Trade Agreement that Hong Kong signs with a country out of Europe or Asia is in force. This agreement with Chile, which exports to Hong Kong last year reached $178 millions, will suppose to the Asian country a gateway to the South American region, expanding in […]

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